Andrew Greenberg, Chairman

Shelbia Jackson, Director

Bronwyn Stallcup, Production Manager

TBD, Location Services Coordinator

Monique Shaw, Program & Events Consultant

Laura Ramos,  Marketing Manager

Commission Members

Purpose of the Commission

In May 2016, the DeKalb County board of commissioners approved both a Film Permit Ordinance and an Entertainment Commission to develop a strategic plan that will help retain and attract even more entertainment projects, jobs and businesses throughout the county.

  1. The DeKalb Entertainment Commission is authorized to:
    • To work closely with Decide DeKalb and DeKalb County, providing leadership and strategic direction on issues related to the film, music recording and production, and entertainment industries
    • Assist Decide DeKalb and DeKalb County with the identification and marketing of ideal sites for filming, film production, music recording and production, and other entertainment purposes
    • Provide leadership for the development of a Film, Music, and Entertainment Strategic Plan for DeKalb County
    • Make recommendations regarding policy and procedural changes that would improve DeKalb’s business climate to grow the film, music, and entertainment industries
    • Serve as ambassadors to DeKalb County and the Metropolitan Atlanta region
    • Develop an annual work program in furtherance of their mission
    • Undertake all necessary and appropriate activities pursuant to their mission, subject to budgetary constraints
  2. Facilitate industry training and education based in DeKalb County.
  3. The Entertainment Commission composed of subject matter experts in the film, music, and entertainment industries would provide strategic direction, marketing, and site selection assistance that leverages state incentives and local assets to attract film, television, music recording and production, interactive game, animation, and other projects to DeKalb County.
  4. To provide leadership and strategic direction to attract motion picture, television, interactive game, and animation productions to DeKalb County.