Tax Credits

Georgia Film, Television & Interactive Entertainment Tax Credit

The Georgia Entertainment Industry Investment Act allows DeKalb County to offer an across-the-board:

  • Flat 20 percent tax credit:
    • Based on a minimum investment of $500,000 on qualified productions in Georgia.
    • Meet $500,000 threshold with one or a total of multiple projects aggregated.
  • Extra 10 percent uplift can be earned when:

Georgia Music Investment Act

A tax credit similar to what Georgia passed for the film and television industry passed the Georgia Legislature in 2017. It gives the music industry tax incentives for live productions, recording and scoring projects.

  • Live Productions: Based on a spending of $500,000 a musical group would receive a 15 to 20 percent tax credit. This would include performances as well as when groups that use rehearsal space in the state prior to national tours.
  • Recording: Recording projects that spend a minimum of $100,000 in one year would receive a 15 to 20 percent tax credit
  • Scoring: Musical scores for movies and video games, with a minimum spend of $250,000 in a year would qualify for the 15 to 20 percent tax credit
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