Film & Television

Why Film in DeKalb?

The entertainment industry has been rapidly growing in DeKalb County in addition to many other parts of the state with film and television leading the way. Over the last few years, the county has managed hundreds of television and film projects.


DeKalb County offers a multitude of filming locations, both indoor and out.


Three major soundstages located in the county include: Blackhall Studios, Eagle Rock Studios, and Third Rail Studios. Combined they offer 13 soundstages and 740,000 square feet of production space.


Thirteen cities across the county offer a range of options, including colleges, courthouses, historic street settings, forests, water features, office buildings, churches and more. Click to see all options.


A sophisticated locations, jurisdictional and permitting portal makes the process of finding, securing and managing locations simple. Our system will eventually aggregate all cities and unincorporated areas allowing for a true single stop for comprehensive information. Click here to proceed directly to our FilmApp page.


DeKalb’s talent pool boasts more than thousands of talented, unionized professionals living and working in the county. Productions have access to residents skilled in on-set production, set design, sound, camera operations, electrical, catering, makeup, transportation, construction, script supervision, location management and more.

In addition, the county works with the Georgia Film Academy to train Georgians in needed skills — and other continuing education opportunities are offered throughout the year. If you are a business or individual interested in working in the film industry, click the calendar for updates.


When shooting in DeKalb, take advantage of Georgia’s generous state tax credits, allowing your budget to be focused where it’s needed the most … in your production. These tax credits can be applied to film, TV and music, as well as digital entertainment (such as gaming).


In October 2010, DeKalb County was one of 16 inaugural counties named Camera Ready Communities by the Georgia Film, Music, Digital and Television Entertainment Office. To capitalize on being named to this list, the DeKalb Board of Commissioners and Chief Executive Office created the DeKalb Film Commission in 2011 to strengthen DeKalb’s long ties to the film industry.

To date, the county has hosted hundreds of motion picture features, television projects and commercial projects. Today, that commission has expanded to become what is now the DeKalb Entertainment Commission, overseen by a board from the film, TV, music and digital entertainment industry in DeKalb County.