A Word From DeKalb Entertainment Commission Director, Shelbia Jackson

The DeKalb Entertainment Commission is regularly monitoring state and federal mandates regarding COVID-19 restrictions while following the guidelines set forth in Executive Orders by DeKalb County CEO, Michael Thurmond. Our office halted all filming activities in DeKalb County on March 13th. Once we receive health and safety guidelines for productions to resume filming activities, updates will be posted on the front page of our film permitting application portal.

Please click here or on our COVID-19 Resource Link located on each page of our website to review a list of resources to support our Creative Community.

We look forward to sending all of our entertainment professionals back to work in DeKalb and Georgia – including hundreds of local actors, actresses, thousands of local crew workers, and opening the doors of all of our production studios. We can’t wait to see our hospitality workers back to work in the hundreds of hotel rooms readily available by our hospitality industry and tourism facilities. Last but not least, we are excited about all of our industry supply businesses, large and small, back to supporting this billion-dollar industry that has become one of the largest boosts to Georgia’s economy.

Thank you all for choosing to work in Georgia and DeKalb County. We appreciate you!

Shelbia Jackson
DeKalb Entertainment Commission

Driving DeKalb’s Entertainment Industry

The DeKalb Entertainment Commission offers businesses in Georgia’s fast-growing entertainment industry access to a collaborative, supportive infrastructure which stimulates the growth and success of creative ventures in film, television, music and digital entertainment.

The Commission is the primary driving force attracting and expanding businesses supporting the film, television, music and digital entertainment industry in DeKalb County.

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