Blackshear House

High Income House   |   Residentials

This large family home, nestled in South DeKalb, serves as an excellent midpoint between the bustling City of Stonecrest and the serene Gwinnett county. It features a fully finished basement, complete with a sophisticated wine bar and a relaxing sauna, perfect for scenes requiring a touch of luxury and tranquility. Art aficionados would appreciate the diverse array of art pieces scattered throughout the house, adding a tasteful and culturally rich backdrop to any scene. The property also boasts a spacious yard, a great setting for outdoor scenes, and a well-maintained deck that captures the beauty of the surrounding landscape. This location combines comfort, elegance, and functionality, making it a versatile choice for various filming needs.

Nearby Locations

Hawkins Farm

Farmhouse   |   Residentials

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James Residence

Mansion/ Estate   |   Residentials

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Miller Home

Middle Income House   |   Residentials

Four bedroom, One office, Two story home with an unfinished basement, family room, dining room, living room, garage, kitchen, large backyard, deck

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