Chapel Hall Center

Industrial   |   Warehouse

40K sq ft; of that, approx 8K sq ft is office space, 30K sq ft is open space with large production stage, already wired for production lighting, over 300 parking spaces(front and back).

Nearby Locations

Winnie JJ Decatur

Middle Income House   |   Residentials

Furnished two-story home in Decatur. Built in early 70s. Four-sided brick house. Home is always vacant and decorated in a few time periods. The living room has 80’s decor. Bedroom …

Atlantic Fine Woods

Commercial Buildings   |   Office Building/ Offices

Authentic, never remodeled 60’s 70’s era location conveniently located in Decatur. Intact zodiac stained glass art piece. Intact and fully functioning kitchen. Wood panelling and masonry walls. Original and mint …

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