Covington Library

Government / Public Buildings   |   Library

Covington Library presents an imposing figure with its large size and brick exterior, in sync with the charm of DeKalb County’s architecture. The library’s arched entryway, flanked by brick columns, provides a unique and visually striking feature for a broad spectrum of filming needs. It’s an ideal location for scenes seeking to convey an air of intellect, mystery, or classic elegance.

Nearby Locations

3 AM Studios

Cultural / Art Buildings   |   Recording Studio/ Stage

A recording facility with Studio A and Studio B for multiple sessions. Features private lounge and general lounge areas with amenities.

Rhema Christian Fellowship Abandoned Church

Churches / Religions

An abandoned church that stands amidst an overgrown parking lot.

Old Scott-Candler Library

Cultural / Art Buildings   |   Library

This library has been recently remodeled and offers a wide selection of books and computer resources.

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