Jail and Sheriffs Office

Government / Public Buildings

The Jail and Sheriff’s Office form a pair of imposing structures, standing tall with their distinctive, slim window slits, a signature feature of their architecture. The two buildings’ severe design provides a fitting backdrop for high-tension scenes, crime dramas, or thrillers. The location offers an authentic and stark atmosphere that can significantly contribute to the visual aesthetic of your production. This setting’s realistic touch will enhance the storyline, adding a palpable sense of suspense and gravity.

Nearby Locations

3 AM Studios

Cultural / Art Buildings   |   Recording Studio/ Stage

A recording facility with Studio A and Studio B for multiple sessions. Features private lounge and general lounge areas with amenities.

Rhema Christian Fellowship Abandoned Church

Churches / Religions

An abandoned church that stands amidst an overgrown parking lot.

Old Scott-Candler Library

Cultural / Art Buildings   |   Library

This library has been recently remodeled and offers a wide selection of books and computer resources.

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