Mackerras Hollow

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This private residence is a rare slice of rural in the heart of DeKalb. A total of 8.6 Ac, the property is about 40% fenced lush pasture with mature hardwood forest rich with native species covering the rest of the property. The only neighboring properties include the Smokerise Country Club golf course, a long-standing community church, and two large-plot properties in the adjacent Kanawha neighborhood; the face of Stone Mountain is visible to the east. The residence is a quaint pre-1970s brick house with raw stone chimneys, with a gravel driveway lined with a rustic stone masonry wall and fruit trees. Approximately 40 head of rare chicken breeds, deer, and turkeys forage on the pasture every day. It is hard to believe that a property of this size and quiet rural feel still exists in the city of Stone Mountain.

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