Midway Park

Parks and Recreation

Midway Park is bisected by Cobbs Creek and splits the property into two sides: one with the recreation center and one with athletic facilities. The athletic facility side offers two mixed-use fields, three softball/little league ball fields, two tennis courts, and a small pavilion and playground (ages 5-12). The rear portion of the recreation center side consists of undeveloped woodlands along the creek. A concessions/restroom building is located in the middle of the athletic fields, and a field house at the mixed-use field off of Midway Road. A timber bridge and steel bridge provide access across the creek to both sides of the park.

Nearby Locations

3 AM Studios

Cultural / Art Buildings   |   Recording Studio/ Stage

A recording facility with Studio A and Studio B for multiple sessions. Features private lounge and general lounge areas with amenities.

Rhema Christian Fellowship Abandoned Church

Churches / Religions

An abandoned church that stands amidst an overgrown parking lot.

Old Scott-Candler Library

Cultural / Art Buildings   |   Library

This library has been recently remodeled and offers a wide selection of books and computer resources.

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