Wade Walker Park

Parks and Recreation

Wade Walker Park is a large regional park located in the eastern portion of the County. The majority of the property is comprised of athletic facilities including 11 soccer fields, a football field, 6 baseball/softball fields, 2 net-ball courts, and 8 tennis courts. Each sports complex and pavilion area has designated parking. Wade Walker Family YMCA, which includes an aquatic facility, is located on the north end of the site, but is not managed by the County. The tennis and net-ball complex area features a picnic pavilion, restroom building, and outdoor exercise equipment. Just east of the tennis complex is the
baseball complex which features 5 fields in a circular orientation with a restroom and concessions building in the middle. A sixth baseball field (with multi-use overlay) sits just south of the associated parking lot. Directly north of the baseball complex
lies a picnic pavilion and playground for all ages, as well as designated parking. Southeast of the baseball complex lies a
football field with grandstands and field house building. The southern portion of the site is comprised of soccer fields that are
anchored in the middle by a restroom and concessions building and small picnic pavilion. Just west of the soccer complex is
a playground, picnic pavilion, and restroom area. At the farwest portion of the property is a large community playground,
restroom building, pavilions and lake with a boardwalk. This area also has its own designated parking. Walking trails are also
provided at Wade Walker Park.

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